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alxwz 2007-03-25 05:57 PM

Cannot log into my Backpack account (SSL)

I'm about to switch over from Shiira (1.2.2) to recently registered OmniWeb (5.5.4) but ran into a severe problem:
I have a paid (SSL-enabled) Backpack account, and when I try to login, there is exactly nothing happening. It just keeps sitting on the login page, no reaction to the "sign in" button at all, and just an error sound if I hit "enter".
I have an additional (non-SSL) account, and the login for that one works.
The login to the SSL account works in Safari and Shiira, which are both WebKit-based as well, so I'm puzzled.


alxwz 2007-03-28 02:22 PM

No one with any idea what is wrong?

This is really very important for me since Backpack holds my calendar, all my to-dos and a lot of important notes.

And it is kind of strange, because AFAIK those guys (37signals) use Safari as their default browser (and it [B]does[/B] work w/ Safari).

alxwz 2007-04-08 04:40 AM

Problem solved thanks to Omni's support.
I had to delete some weird passwords from keychain.

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