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Octodan 2009-03-04 12:44 PM

multiple users sharing same Plan file
We have multiple employees that need to share, edit and save the same project file. We cannot seem to find a viable way of doing this. Anyone have any input? The Plan files will not allow access from a remote server.


skwirl 2009-03-04 06:19 PM

OmniPlan doesn't support collaboration right now, this is something we're looking at for OmniPlan 2.0. Right now you have to designate one person as the project file "owner". If there are any changes an employee wants to make they should tell the owner to make the changes.

Not sure if you're interested in something like this, but a possible alternative is to set up a version control system. You can store the Plan file on a server and every employee has to check the file out, make their changes, then commit the modified file back to the server so that it becomes the latest revision of the file. You can read more about this type of workflow here: [URL=""][/URL]

awilliams 2009-03-13 09:41 AM

Omniplan/version control
We've had pretty good luck using cvs and some procedural stuff.

When we update our project file, we're doing this on a team basis, each team lead updates the information for their team.

1) We establish who will edit the file first/second etc.
2) Repeat this process for each person
a) Update the project file (cvs update)
b) Filter the project file to show only your team (being able to save filters
would work GREAT here)
c) Make your updates
d) Commit your changes (cvs commit)
e) Notify the next person in line.
3) When everyone's changes are in, we pass the file up the ladder, the overall manager runs leveling etc based on our individual changes. If there are issues (there normally are) we'll resolve them at that time.

This is by no means a great replacement for a multi-user tool, but it's been getting the job done.

Mophilly 2009-08-16 02:59 PM

SVN and CVS are ok solutions but I vote for, and would buy, a true collaboration solution.

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