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Janeg 2008-03-11 04:58 AM

Ruler units
OK, I may well be being crazy here, but I'm going up the wall here.

I've just installed v5 on Leopard and I can't change my ruler units from imperial to metric (my OS preferences are for metric). I cannot "find" the "ruler pop-up menu" that is referred to in the help.

Any recommendations? I have great problems visualising anything in imperial.

Joel 2008-03-11 10:45 AM

Units are found in a popup menu in the Canvas Size Inspector in OmniGraffle 5. They're no longer in the ruler.

Hope that helps,

dhammy0110 2008-07-29 08:03 AM

5.0.1 shared layer ruler units geometry
From what I am experiencing, if you are using shared layers, the geometry of the object will be represented as 1:1 regardless of the unit ratio of the canvas.

E.g. I am designing mobile wireframes with canvases scaled at 1pt = 2px so they appear at approximately the 'real' size when printed. A box in a regular layer appears as 240x320, but that same box within a shared layer says 120x160, although they are visually identical.

IMO, scaling should be document-wide. It would certainly make painting by numbers easier!

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