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markacruciani 2008-03-11 09:10 AM

How to name a shape?
Can't find the answer anywhere in this forum.

How does one name a shape created by the Pen Tool?

From looking in several stencils (namely the Basic one), there are shapes
like "Star" and "Cloud" that have names vs. the default Bezier.

Exporting to AppleScript shows this name but can't figure out how in
either OG 4 or 5 to set this.

jorgecarreira 2008-06-25 04:49 PM

Anyone? I created a stencil with the basic workflow blocks:start, stop, decision, etc. What I would like is to name the shapes I create like other stencils built in or found in Graffletopia.

Please note that I mean the name that appears in the Sidebar List (and not the outline). I think this is the name that appear in the stencil pallet when we select a shape.

Brian 2008-06-25 05:55 PM

I'm honestly not sure how to do that; if you send feedback via the Help menu, though, we'll definitely get you an answer. Folks browse the forums as they're able, but if you want a guaranteed response, the support ninjas are the way to go.

If someone reads this later and does know, though, it would be great if they posted it here - this would be handy to know. :-)

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