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TomHarle 2013-04-08 04:08 AM

Margins in multi-page pdf
Hello, I'm having some difficulty exporting a document I've created in OG 5.4.2 to a multi-page pdf:

On the export dialog, I select 'entire document' in the export area drop-down, but the option to set a document margin is then removed - so when I open the exported pdf file, my page elements are flush to the page edge rather than 5mm in where I would like them to be.

What are my options? I'm reluctant to move the actual elements further into the page as I think that will give me wider margins when I print. And it seems to work fine for one canvas export, just not the whole document.

All my canvases are the same size and currently using the same shared background layer.

Any help much appreciated!

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