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austeane 2013-10-20 04:43 PM

From Excel to Omni Table
Hey, I am doing a top-100 ranking for
I am doing all of the calculations and generating the list on excel. I am wondering if there might be an easier way to get the data to a table on Omnigraffle Pro than writing/copy-pasting one cell at a time (which I did for the first report).
Here is last months omnigraffle file, and this months Excel data. (The data to be included in Omni is the last sheet of the file, titled "Roto-Cats").

Any help would be immensely appreciated! If I can't figure it out today, I will just enter it in manually.

austeane 2013-10-27 12:36 AM

Doing this every single month is going to drive me crazy... I would love some advice. Could applescript do it? All I am doing is "tab", "copy from excel", "paste into omni".... But I am doing it 900 times, every month.

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