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foton 2009-12-06 01:47 PM

Bounce Downloads stack upon download completion
A very useful feature of Safari, successfully copied by Camino, is that upon completion of a file download, the Downloads folder stack in the Dock will bounce. To me, this is far superior to switching back and forth to the Downloads window to determine when my download is complete. Apparently implementing the bounce is one line of code[1]. This is one of the last places where Safari gives me a superior workflow and it seems so easy to fix. Growl notification would be just as good, but that's probably more a great deal more code and relies on a third-party framework.


[1] [url][/url]

marc 2010-04-15 08:27 PM

A handy indicator when Download window not focussed/open
I'd like to second this request, it's a handy indicator when the Download window not focussed or open, and would generally make OW feel that little bit more native/modern.

…and thanks to Nick pointing out the (apparently) simple code to support this feature, hopefully it could be added soon...? Pretty please! ;)

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