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swashbuckler 2010-12-09 03:54 AM

Can't sync iPhone to Omnifocus Server [Resolved by updating to 1.8.2]
I've been using the Omnifocus webdav server to host my omnifocus files.

Over the past couple of days I've been unable to sync omnifocus on my iphone. I usually get an error message saying that the internet connection is offline or a timeout occurs.

Strangely enough the desktop version of omnifocus 1.8.2 syncs perfectly fine.

The steps I've taken to date is to broadcast the Shared Settings to my iphone without any luck.

I've then sent the Settings via email and opened the link on my iphone, but rather than accessing the link via the iphone omnifocus it opens it in the iphone internet browser.

Can any one help in resolving this issue?



Brian 2010-12-09 06:48 PM

Tom, if you open up OmniFocus' Settings screen and scroll down to the bottom, what version is installed on your phone? If you have version 1.8, it's possible that [URL=""]a bug in that version [/URL]is causing this.

If so, you'll be able to make the issue go away by updating to the most recent release. (Version 1.8.2, as of this writing.)

If you're using that version, give our support ninjas a call at 800.315.6664 or [EMAIL=""]send us email[/EMAIL] and we're happy to investigate this with you!

swashbuckler 2010-12-10 08:51 AM

Hi Brian,

You're spot on. I think there was a bug with the iphone version I was running

Having updated the omnifocus software on the iphone (1.8.2?) I no longer had a problem and can sync perfectly.

Case closed!

Thanks for your help.


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