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alanterra 2007-06-03 01:50 PM

Feature request: drop stack or shelf
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A great feature from Path Finder that all applications with a "folder/file" structure* should have is a "drop stack" or "shelf". This is a place where you can drag items so you can wander through your folder structure looking for a place to put them.

How often have you looked at an item, eg a task, and said "This is in the wrong place"? The options are:

1) drag it to a new place--but often you find that you don't know where it should go, or you need to create a new project, so you have to stop dragging it, create the place and then find the item again

2) find/create the new place, go back and find the item, then move it to the new place

3) Cut/copy the item--dangerous! If copy, you will have two copies. If cut, what if you get distracted (iChat pops up) and you clear it out of your clipboard by accident? Disaster! Also, I hate hidden context (like the clipboard).

I like the option that Path Finder gives you: put it on a shelf, figure out what to do, then take it off the shelf when you are ready.

*like OmniFocus, which has a Folder/Project/Action structure

AmberV 2007-06-04 10:13 AM

Doesn't the Inbox kind of function as a place to drop things? It is universally available on the left hand side, and it is easy bring it up by clicking anywhere the blank area of the "shelf." I know you cannot at the moment, but if you could drag to it...

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