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rbullen 2008-05-22 09:18 PM

Exporting JPEG Includes Excess?
Problem: I seem to be exporting more than only the selected image.

Symptoms: I created a jpeg 1px by 1 px to use as a repeating image on a web page. Selected it and exported from OG it as a jpeg. No boundaries, highest quality image.

When I put the resulting image into a web page and repeat it vertically it appears like a dotted line, not a continuous line.

Created another image in Pixelmator and used that for the same purpose and it worked perfectly.

I concluded from this test that OG is exporting more than just the image, somehow there some extra white space at one end of the image, or at least it would appear that way.

My preference is to use OG to create these images.

Any suggestions on how to export only the image or what the source of the problem might be?


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