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ethornett 2012-10-14 10:14 PM

I thought multiple project management was going to be part of 2.0. What happened, Omni guys?

whpalmer4 2012-10-20 12:01 AM

It's been in the product since 2.1: [url][/url]

What you don't get is an overall view of all of your projects. You do however have the ability to share resources between projects.

precision01 2012-10-30 04:13 AM

[QUOTE=The Jones Boy;18644]No master view is a serious omission. I love what I am seeing so far but I am managing a studio and need to see all our live work at a glance in one handy screen.

So, yes please, bump this feature and add my name to the list.


Add my name too. It would be a very helpfull feature!

los1sol 2013-01-13 10:17 PM

One more vote for this functionality. The current resource sharing functionality built into 2.0 doesn't address the need to see multiple projects simultaneously, which is what I need more than anything.

I'm using tasks as projects in one file as a workaround but I can't use it for all my projects because some stuff I can't share with everybody who has access to my project file.

What I need is a dashboard that allows me--and only me--to see multiple project files into one, but have my team members only see what they are working on.

Are there any plans any time soon for something like this?

tiffanyburns 2013-01-30 06:40 AM

I have been working on OmniPlan for the past 2 weeks - creating templates and setting up live projects for over 2 dozen projects that are in process. I couldn't figure out how to get an overview of everything that's going on (I have 3 people, in addition to myself, that work on these projects). I manage over 300 projects a year for my team.

I had come here hoping for a solution and am incredible disappointed by this. It is imperative to be able to review all project timelines and be able to share resources simultaneously between projects for my team. Unfortunately, without this, OmniPlani was a waste of our money and I'll just be going back to my Excel Spreadsheet until this feature is ready.

Hopefully this is quickly in the works.

whpalmer4 2013-01-30 06:46 AM

If you are within 30 days of purchase you can get a full refund.


christa_eagleton 2013-02-02 10:45 AM

View Multiple Projects?
I honestly can't determine whether this is answered.

Does OmniPlan2 allow an Master View/Overall View of multiple projects or not?
I need to be able to review the schedule overall before trying to add more to it.


whpalmer4 2013-02-02 11:54 AM

No, there is no grand master view that shows all projects simultaneously, unless you combine them into one document. Reasonable people can disagree on whether that is a must-have feature.

ACK 2013-02-09 12:40 PM

[QUOTE=whpalmer4;119901]No, there is no grand master view that shows all projects simultaneously, unless you combine them into one document. Reasonable people can disagree on whether that is a must-have feature.[/QUOTE]

Reasonable people may however I really think that we need to put this in perspective - as a total newby to PM I investigated many however went with Omni Group automatically because of their reputation for thorough products.

It is perhaps [I]the[/I] most natural work flow to be able to work from a project overview and the drill down into the minutia of a variety of tasks. It is also the case that most folks would benefit from being able to totally separate projects out.

Now I can't play the victim role here - I was given an extended 30 day period after bringing this up however sadly during that time I simply didn't have the time to invest in the program given life and business events.

I can tell you now that I am sitting down to invest in the planning aspect of projects more it is a real PITA not to have this function.

Looking at the other market offerings, considering that 2007 was when it was bought up as an issue for a lot of folks, this wouldn't be dealt with by now.

The price point of this software is about what folks should be paying for a good bit of software all told, however as it stands it really has made me wonder why I remain so enamoured with Omni as being a bastion of mac app design.

I know with my clients that if they were making some valid points that I had acknowledged and let slide since 2007 then I would be taking a cold hard look at the situation at the very least.

whpalmer4 2013-02-09 01:10 PM

I think there's an honest difference of opinion at work here. Omni uses OmniPlan for their own project management, if you read Ken's posts early in the thread. Presumably, if they found the current situation completely unworkable, they would have put more effort into addressing it. It also isn't accurate to imply that they've just been sitting around twiddling their thumbs for the last 5 or 6 years.

Are there other products out there that provide this functionality?

You can also take the approach of putting everything in one massive document. Far from perfect, but if having that overall view is the most important consideration, you may have to do that if OmniPlan is the tool you are going to use now.

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