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mikegibb 2011-08-02 04:47 AM

Perspective Question
I'm sure this has been asked an answered a few times, so if you want to point me to those discussions, that'd be great. Otherwise:

Can you set a perspective so it only shows tasks from a specific project (ie: daily rituals)? If so, how? Can you set it up so it's a context-based perspective so I can see it in my iPhone or iPad versions?


Brian 2011-08-02 02:32 PM

Just select the project or projects in the sidebar, then select "Focus on" from the View menu.

Next, head over to Context view and choose whatever settings you'd like. Select "Save Window as <new perspective>".

Name the new perspective and double check that the "Restore Focus" box is checked. You should be all set. Hope this helps!

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