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philonous 2008-09-08 07:13 PM

OW javascript engine
Hello everyone,

Well, I am back with OW SPs now that the keychain issue is fixed. Everything is absolutely spiffy except that certain pages give the circulating beach ball for too long a time while scripts are being executed, it seems. I just encountered it again on the WaMu online banking site, which executes very quickly on Safari.

Can anyone comment on the OW javascript engine? Is it different Safari's? If yes, is there any particular reason?

Rumor has it that Webkit will eventually inherit Google's Chrome javascript engine. Is this true?


revs 2008-09-10 07:58 AM

It is unlikely WebKit will use Chromes V8, as only a couple of days ago the WebKit Team announced that they have improved on their SquirrelFish JS engine (which was only slightly slower than Chromes V8). The new JS engine, called SquirrelFish Extreme, is about 30% faster than SquirrelFish. So it should be very close to the speed of V8.

Neither SquirrelFish or SquirrelFish Extreme are present in the current version of Safari (no idea about Omniweb). Its due for Safari 4.

If you download a WebKit nightly you should be able to test it though.

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