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mk2 2006-06-05 09:00 AM

WebDAV bookmark syncing - broken?
I just discovered yesterday that my recent bookmarks were not keeping up with me on the (3) different machines I run OmniWeb on. I am using WebDAV syncing with mod_dav running under Apache on my personal linux server.

I did some poking around and it seems that none of the 5.5SP have made any requests to the WebDAV directory on the server. I turned off bookmark syncing in OW prefs, and re-enabled it. Tabbing out of the server-address input field, I get an error "Not a WebDAV server." However, from running 'tail -f' on the webdav server's access.log and error.log, it appears OW isn't even trying to contact the server!

Some details about the WebDAV url just in case it helps:
it looks like this:

I disabled non-SSL webdav once Mac OS X 10.3 came out with HTTPS WDAV support. Only the /mk2 directory has WebDAV enabled (e.g. is just plain http/ssl)

I am still able to mount the WebDAV directory using Finder, and browsing to it in OmniWeb generates the same directory listing it used to (once i type in the username and password).

Any thoughts, OG folks? Is this a known issue that didn't make it into the sneaky peek release notes?


mk2 2006-06-07 04:53 PM

sp13: removed
I see SP13 has removed WebDAV syncing from the preferences. Is this permanent?

Forrest 2006-06-07 05:14 PM

It's still there for me.

mk2 2006-06-07 07:04 PM

D'oh! Forgive that bit of crackheadedness...

I did some more poking and found that it worked if I used a non-SSL WebDAV URL (Bah..had to reconfigure Apache :rolleyes:).

So, it would just seem that https:// WebDAV syncing is not working, and still with no activity in the Apache 1.3 + mod_dav server's access_log or error_log, and a "not a WebDAV server" error message from OmniWeb.

Len Case 2006-06-07 10:40 PM

I believe the problem is that we no longer include our HTTPS bundle but since the only thing that would use it is bookmarks, we hadn't realized it was a problem...

We either need to switch to using Apple's networking for bookmarks, or put back the HTTPS bundle, I guess...

pckizer 2007-01-31 08:02 PM

Any update on Bookmark syncing via https DAV
It's been many months, now, have you decided which method you will be choosing for returning the functionality and any possible word on when it might be returned?

booleanman 2013-03-21 06:58 PM

HTTPS WebDav Bookmark Sync
Any chance of this getting into the next build? :D

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