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lanceosborne 2008-04-10 12:54 PM

Difficulty with Page Breaks
I'm having difficulty with page breaks in OGP.

I want to include page numbering on a tabloid-sized canvas with portrait orientation. When I include the page number variable from the stencils, the page number changes depending where I place it on the canvas.

Despite the settings below, when I display the "View > Page Breaks," the page breaks that display are NOT the same size as my canvas. They show up at 10.25 in (x) and 16.25 in (y).

Here are my canvas settings:

Canvas size: 11 in width / 17 in height
[unchecked] Size if multiple of printer sheets
[unchecked] Auto-adjust the canvas size
[unchecked] Print canvas on one printer sheet

Orientation: Portrait
Rule units: decimal inches (in)
Unit scale: No scale

Here are my Page Setup settings:

Settings: Page Attributes
Format for: Any Printer
Paper Size: Tabloid
Orientation: Portrait
Scale: 100%

What is causing the page breaks to display at the 10.25 in (x) and 16.25 in (y) locations, and how do I get them to display at the 11 in (x) and 17 in (y) locations?

Joel 2008-04-10 01:28 PM

I'd set the margins to zero in the Document Inspector, by default OmniGraffle does not show the non-printing margin areas, so by manually setting the canvas size Graffle thinks that there's some extra pages there.

lanceosborne 2008-04-10 06:04 PM

That works! Thanks, Joel.

BTW, there is one one mention of "Page Breaks" in the manual, so this little tip might make a nice addition.

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