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Drayon 2012-12-27 01:04 AM

Copy Magnet link URL bug
I've struggled with this for a long time and only just figured out what the problem is with Omniweb not working with copied Magnet links. Control+Click a Magnet Link-select 'Copy Link to Clipboard' from contextual menu

The format for a Magnet Link looks like this:

Unfortunately, when a magnet link is copied with OmniWeb as described above, it adds a forward slash after the colon and before the question mark and it looks like this:

A weird thing I also notice is that a forward slash is not added in the link displayed in the status bar when the cursor hovers over a magnet link.

Any chance of an update to fix this?


superhancpetram 2013-01-11 12:42 PM

Same problem here. Just figured out it was OmniWeb too.

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