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cpplain 2010-08-11 07:04 PM

Import CSV
I need to be able to import large numbers of actions from Excel spreadsheets on a regular basis. From what I've been able to discern, while OmniFocus can export to CSV, it can't import from CSV. Will this feature be added? Is there a workaround for the time being?

Arild 2010-08-12 05:14 AM

If you have Omnioutliner you could always paste from excel into an Oo file and export from there. A normal table cut and paste works fine, and you can have templates in Oo to get columns formatted correctly. Not ideal, but better than retyping. Good luck, anyway!

cpplain 2010-08-16 01:18 PM

I don't have OmniOutliner and would prefer not to buy another application just to import CSV files. Thanks for the reply.

whpalmer4 2010-08-16 02:03 PM

Can you show an example of one of these .CSV files, and what portions of them you are trying to import? If you are just trying to grab the contents of a single column, you can do it right now with copy and paste directly from the spreadsheet.

cpplain 2010-08-17 07:20 AM

Ideally I'd like to grab two columns, though I could try to combine the two columns prior to import if needed.

Basically, the minimal amount of data I need to import from the spreadsheet are computer hardware test names. There are anywhere from 25 to 100 tests, depending on the hardware being tested. All the test names appear in the same column of the spreadsheet. The test names will be organized under an action group within a larger project.

Here's a simplified example of a project (data from spreadsheet is found under "Test steps" action group):

[FONT="Courier New"]Test x hardware[INDENT]Complete design details[/INDENT][INDENT]Test steps[/INDENT][INDENT][INDENT]Test 1[/INDENT][/INDENT][INDENT][INDENT]Test 2[/INDENT][/INDENT][INDENT][INDENT]...[/INDENT][/INDENT][/FONT]

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