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RobTrew 2007-12-21 09:46 AM

Four crashes following imports from Omnioutliner
Omnifocus has been very stable for me so far, but I have just provoked four crashes within the space of c. 30 minutes.

Each crash came soon after an import of a file from OmniOutliner 3. On each occasion the file was imported to OF while it was open in OO3. Two of the crashes seemed to coincide with a change in focus, once from OF to OO3, and once from the OF content window to the menu bar.

I did a fourth import with the file closed in OO3, and no crash so far.

(Crash reports submitted)

RobTrew 2007-12-21 03:59 PM

This seems to have been pinned down and fixed for ver 71.

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