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fritzism 2010-08-04 07:58 AM

Can we get autosyncing (to iCal) on Omnifocus for Mac?
Very interested in this feature as I just not too long ago realized the software does not do this automatically. Is this on the roadmap anywhere? Or am I missing something.

GREAT software otherwise. - Fritz (former Toodledo, RTM and most recently Things user)

braver 2010-08-05 08:23 AM

Fritz -- you can sync a context to an iCal calendar. If you want to replicate Things' Today feature syncing to iCal, you need to send Omni an email to implement Sync Flagged -- they don't go beyond a context, so you'd have to move actions to a "today" context and lose the real one to achieve that. But it should auto sync both ways for a context.

Brian 2010-08-06 02:15 PM

The piece of OS X which we use to sync with iCal is attempting to do a complex job, and sometimes... unintended things... happen to your data.

To be clear, I'm not talking about a bug in OmniFocus here. We can fix those on our end. There are whole portions of the process that are outside of our control - Sync Services, iCal, some other application which is also syncing...

In any case, OmniFocus' iCal sync is manual so the user can be on-guard for those sorts of changes to their data. They know when the sync happened and can check to make sure that everything went as expected.

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