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brt 2010-09-07 04:53 AM

Completed tasks-some crossed out, some not
In the "All" view, some of my completed tasks are crossed out (strikethrough), and some are not.

It looks like it might be a bug, because I see a pattern in that those that are crossed out have less text than those that are not.

If it is a bug, it doesn't bother me, but if it's not a bug, then I'd like to know what the difference signifies.

Ken Case 2010-09-07 06:25 AM

That's a bug in 1.0.x (triggered by truncated notes) which has been fixed for 1.1.

ITGuy 2010-09-07 02:30 PM

Hi Ken,

While your team is dealing with this truncated Notes bug, it would be fantastic if you could make the Notes UI fill down to the bottom of the screen, and include the option to insert the current date by way of tap-and-hold options similar to copy/paste feature. I make heavy use of the Notes field and the current UI is WAY too small.

Cheers, and thanks in advance.


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