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egorges 2010-01-24 10:31 AM

Using MailTags with OmniFocus

Can anyone tell me how to use an Outgoing mail rule to add an action in OF? I want to be able to have a "waiting for reply" action if I send someone a message and use a MailTags keyword of "Waiting for Reply". Does anyone have a script example they would be willing to share?

Greg Jones 2010-01-24 10:48 AM

Here is a [url=]link[/url] to a good one on the Simplicity Is Bliss website that I use with some modifications.

egorges 2010-01-24 12:48 PM

Thank You

Kazza 2010-01-25 04:43 PM

Hmmmmm Is there something I'm doing wrong as its not working for me. I've had a look at the script and I cant see where the main 'subroutine' (I'm not too sure of Apple Script terminology) perform_mail_action gets 'run'/ 'called'.

To test my theory I put in a growl message at the top (just after all the declarations) and it gets displayed correctly but nothing else in the script seems to run.

Is there a trick when creating the rule in Mail to some somehow invoke that routine with the current message ?

Mac 10.5.8 (I have SL but I've not yet installed it)
Mail 3.6
Mail Tags 2.2.3
Omnifocus 1.7.5

Any suggestions will be warmly received.

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