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Franz 2006-12-16 04:38 PM

Wider (Day)Column Width
I am building a Gantt chart for a project where there is intensive activity planned on particular days. Some of those activities have a duration of only a few minutes so I need to be able to 'zoom' the chart to make the visual representation useful.

I cannot see how to make the columns wider so that I can see the extensive detail. I have set the 'Zoom' function to 'Day' but this does not widen the columns enough. For example, activities with a duration of say 3 mins appear as thin slivers which makes it practically useless and not much point printing out. Any tips on this would be appreciated.

Lizard 2006-12-16 05:55 PM

If you click on the header row, where the dates are, you can drag to the right to make the days wider. That will help some, but probably not enough to allow you to use the UI handles in the gantt chart for a 5 minute task. More zooming power is one of our popular requests. I'll add your vote.

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