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abeman21 2012-06-19 09:37 AM

Feature Request: Export Selected Canvases
You can currently only export the entire document or a single canvas.

I often have documents that are filled with canvases for my scratch work that I'd prefer not to export to pdf when I hand things off to other folks.

It would be very helpful to have an option in the export dialog for "Export Selected Canvases"


- Abel

MatthewS 2012-06-20 02:28 PM

What I do is print selected canvases, but save as PDF from the print dialog. That will create a pdf of only the selected canvases. (It doesn't address page numbering however.)

An alternative feature request would be to give the ability to set a specific canvas not to print, so that it is never included in the final document when printing or exporting.

Brian 2012-06-20 03:57 PM

Abeman21, we've got a feature request on doing that - I'll attach your post so the rest of the team will know you're one of the folks that would like to see that added. Thanks!

MatthewS: in case it helps, your alternative is [I]technically[/I] possible, given that OmniGraffle gives you per-layer control over printing in the sidebar. (Specifically, click the printer icon that appears just beneath each layer's name to allow/prevent printing.)

Obviously, on a canvas with many layers, that may still be a lot of clicks to accomplish what you're after. I'll look for a feature request that covers that and either attach you or file one on per-canvas control. Thanks!

MatthewS 2012-06-21 10:11 AM

Brian, Add me too for one who wants that feature.

And you're correct about making a canvas not print with all the layers turned off. Two issues with that 1) If that canvas has shared layers, I need to delete them not to print globally 2) The page is still counted in the page numbers.

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