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RobTrew 2012-02-24 11:55 PM

Stencil: Custom circles of arrows (Shape with script Action)
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Move and resize the rectangle, and run its action (with the Action Browse tool), to frame it with a circle of N arrows.

Edit the parameters in the dialogue which appears, to choose the number, width, and direction of arrows, and the way in which the circle of arrows fits inside or outside the resized rectangle. Entering "?" will display the following help -

a=N: Number of arrows
w=N: width of block arrows
h=true|false: header arrow ?
t=true|false: tail arrrow ?
b=true|false: block arrows ?
r=c: radius=corner
r=e: radius=mid edge
f=i: fit=inside
f=o: fit=outside
f=m: fit=mid arrow
?: Help

Note: To Inspect the Applescript code in the Arrow Circle action shape:
1. Select the shape,
2. Inspectors > Action
3. Under 'Clicking with the Browse Tool > Runs a Script' select and copy all the code, and paste in Applescript Editor.
The code can also be run from the Applescript Editor, or from another script launcher.
(Size, position and select any shape, and then run a script to draw a circle of arrows fitted to the corners or mid edge of the shape).

smackoz 2013-07-29 08:28 PM



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