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matthewforsyth 2013-04-01 05:36 PM

End Constraints

Is there a way to set a time that a task must be finished by, but can be finished before this time?

I want to have this task complete ALAP (closest to the finish time as possible).

Thanks in advance!

whpalmer4 2013-04-01 06:28 PM

Select the task. Tap the scheduling/task info button (two bars, to the right of the + button), tap on Scheduling tab, tap the Direction button, choose ALAP. Put on an end constraint if necessary with the End Constraint button. In my experience, you often won't get the task moved to the very latest time possible, but it may be close. If something doesn't work the way you expect, send in some feedback! (use the Contact Omni option under the gear menu in the document picker) It may be that you aren't doing it correctly, but don't be too quick to jump to that conclusion. In any case, the support group is pretty good and will help you figure it out.

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