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rogbar 2011-11-25 02:17 PM

Column placement
I have an outline. It's a regular text outline to which I've added a Rich Text Column that I use for certain keywords. I called this column "Tags".

If I keep the "Tags" Column to the RIGHT of my main outline, everything works fine. By this I mean that when working in the main body of my outline if I hit "Enter", a new line is created in the main body of the outline and the next text I type goes into that item. In the main body, and not in the "Tags" column.

But if the "Tags" column is to the LEFT of the main body of my outline, then hitting "Enter" in the main body of the outline adds a new line, but text gets entered in the "Tags" column instead of in the main body.

Is this intentional? Can this be turned off so that no matter where I put this column I keep entering text in the main body of the outline after hitting "Enter"?

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