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zdlo 2012-05-21 07:41 AM

"Time window" concept for repeating actions/projects
I feel the need for creating "time window"s for certain actions; especially repeating ones.

Let's say you have a time frame for sowing seeds, between the beginning of April and end of May, every year. If you don't complete the action, it becomes obsolete, and it needs to be repeated automatically when the time comes, for the next year's season.

You can apply this to different scenarios, with different frequencies:
Buying newspaper every morning, catching a weekly event (like farmer's market), moongazing every full moon (it repeats every 42,524 minutes), etc.

There are a lot of repeating actions in our lives that need to be cleaned off the list if not completed in time. There is this concept of "time windows" in our lives that we can't ignore when using OmniFocus.

Now, the only thing I can do about it is to edit the date manually if I miss the frame. However, it's quite hard to do this to a lot of different do-it-if-you-can kind of repeating actions; especially if they have specific periods like 42,524 minutes.

I definitely feel the need for a "time window" concept in OmniFocus.

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