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pooch 2009-12-09 06:31 AM

Mix portrait and landscape canvases?

I've got a multi-canvas document where all canvases are best shown in Landscape. Now in the middle of them I want to add a canvas that must be Portrait. Googling this, I find in various locations (including on OmniGraffle's web site) the following blurb: "Canvases can be different sizes, and can be rotated 90 when printed, so you can mix landscape and portrait modes."

I don't see how to rotate just one canvas 90 when printing, but even if I did, I would have to lay out my diagram on its side while working in its landscape orientation. So everything I plop down on the canvas would have to be rotated, say 90 counter-clockwise while I was composing the diagram, then at printing time I would have to rotate the canvas 90 clockwise.

Is there an easier way that I'm missing?


Joel 2009-12-09 10:02 AM

You can change orientation for a particular canvas in the Canvas: Size Inspector. Keep in mind that this only changes the dimensions of the canvas itself, and not its printing orientation, which is a document setting.

pooch 2009-12-09 11:18 AM

That does the trick. Thanks Joel.

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