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anim8orr 2006-12-06 09:35 AM

Basic question
I am considering purchasing Omnigraffle, and I don't see the feature I'm interested in.

Say I have a diagram of blocks. If I click on a block, can it link to document where I could have notes or images stored? Maybe even links to iCal. Would the document links be part of the omnigraffle file, or a seperate application?

The Omnigraffle page makes it look simply like a beautiful flowchart. I'm looking for something that is the center of a project planning tool.


JKT 2006-12-06 04:31 PM

In OmniGraffle Pro:


I don't know if the basic version also has this feature.

Note, you can also use Applescript to cause shapes to move on the canvas when clicked, etc.

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