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SohoNYC 2008-07-15 12:29 PM

Add Contacts to Actions
I see that Contacts can be added to Contexts, but it would be great to add them to Actions. I did read Ken's post that you can enter a phone number and it will be hyperlinken. But, associating the contact, which you may intend to do, would be very helpful especially if a future location feature can use it to find an address you are driving/walking to.


dduff617 2008-07-19 12:20 PM

how do you [I]add[/I] a contact to a context? i see a contact button when editing a context, but that seems to merely use the selected contact to derive an address and uses that address as a location to associate with this context. is that what you meant?

codemac 2008-07-21 11:44 AM

I agree. Especially for phone tasks, it'd be great to select the task, then the contact associated with the task, then the phone number under the contact.

Though for people I call often enough, I've just made People contexts for them.

edit: i realize now this only adds the location... durrr.. it seems silly I have to go and find these people in contacts.

SohoNYC 2008-07-21 03:57 PM

Now I know the context contacts only pull in the address. We should be at least be able to link to contacts for actions. I shouldn't have to set up context for each user, otherwise, I could end up with a context for all my users, which may not necessarily be what I want.

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