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Add option to sort "flagged" by context
Currently when you select "flagged" items, the program appears to show all flagged items sorted by project. Can you give the user the option to sort by context too? That would make a big difference when you use the flags to set what actions you need to do for the day. For example, you would then be able to see all "errand" tasks grouped together and all "office" tasks together. This would appear much more organized.

Overall, I love the program!

Brian 2011-10-17 05:41 PM

Heather, we'll be happy to help, but it looks like your post accidentally went into the "Forums Feedback" section, rather than one of the sections for the various versions of OmniFocus.

Can you clarify which version(s) of the app you'd like help with? We'll move your forum post into the section you probably intended to post it in and also provide some advice tailored to the ones you're using. :-)

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