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Brian 2008-01-10 04:22 PM

The file 'OmniFocusMetadataImporter' is in use
From time to time, folks may get this message when trying to empty their trash after upgrading from one version of OmniFocus to another:

"Unable to empty trash: the file 'OmniFocusMetadataImporter' is in use."

That file is used by OS X to feed information from our database into the one that Spotlight uses when searching your system. Sometimes, we'll move your older version of OmniFocus to the trash while they're using the file from the older build.

If you try to empty the trash when this is happening, you'll get this message.

We're looking for ways to make this happen less frequently, but for the time being, the solution is to wait a couple of minutes and then empty the trash again.

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