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swb 2011-09-20 10:44 AM

off hours versus MY time zone change
Please point me to the obvious answer if I missed it, I'm relatively new. One of my resources is off this week. I am traveling in a different time zone, and when I look at the calendar I see that that person's off hours are still there, in the right time zone, but that normal working hours have moved with me, changing time zone ... so that person is assumed to be partially available. If there is no way to control this, it looks like a bug. Please advise. Thanks.

Tom Bunch 2011-09-21 12:02 PM

That certainly sounds wrong, but I'm having trouble reproducing your results. Our code is designed to hang on to all times in "Zulu" time, or Coordinated Universal Time, and they are formatted into the viewer's local time zone when viewed. My project's normal hours are 8-12, 1-5. When I suddenly appear on the grid in Valladolid, Spain, those times are translated to 5 PM - 9 PM, 10 PM - 2 AM. My resource's "8-5" off exception is similarly translated.

We should confirm what version of OmniPlan you're using, though. Can you possibly use the Help > Send Feedback option and send us a censored copy of your plan? Along with a description of the issue of course. The one you gave here seems perfectly adequate when paired with a sample document and OmniPlan version number.

Sorry for the trouble! It sounds as though this resource is entirely off for the week. Perhaps, assuming you're using version 2.0+, you could work around your problem by extending the off hours exception to cover the entire week, not just the working hours. It's perfectly ok for them to be oversized.


ehamilton16 2012-08-22 02:23 PM

I'm seeing this issue on OmniPlan 2.1.2. It happens if you pass a file between systems in different time zones OR if you have a shared schedule on a repository (as far as I can see - I've specifically tested the first case & seen it in the second case, but haven't done a step by step test with the repository).
Any suggestions beyond expanding the off time?

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