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dtt255 2011-12-05 08:33 AM

Getting "site:null" when doing a search from the search box. Help please
When I go to do a search in the box in the upper right hand corner it does a google serach BUT puts a "site:null" infront of every search. What this seems to do is to seach the last site I was on for the term I entered.

Since this is not what I wanted to do 99% of the time I have to erase the "site: website" phrase and reenter it...therefore doubling my efforts.

Anyone had this issue before? I cannot seem to find how to fix it.
It just started happening one day, I don't believe I changed anything knowingly.


Ken Case 2011-12-05 08:57 PM

In the search box, if you click on the magnifying glass you'll get a drop down list showing the places OmniWeb knows how to search. It sounds like you've accidentally selected the "Search This Site" option; to fix, just set it back to "Google".

(Not that it makes much sense for OmniWeb to search for "site:null" when you select "Search This Site" while not actually on a website—that's a bug—but presumably you want to switch your default search to Google anyway.)

Hope this helps!

dtt255 2011-12-06 08:15 AM

PERFECT!!! That fixed it!

This has been driving me nuts. Thanks alot!

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