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chibimagic 2006-10-05 07:28 PM

Feature Request - EGO
I couldn't find anything about this in the forums or anywhere else - it would be really awesome if OmniOutliner got support for editable graphics objects (EGO). I use OO for taking notes in class, but I need to add math equations from MathType and chemical structures from ChemDraw, and then modify them later. I know OO has support for LinkBack, but MathType and ChemDraw don't, and probably won't ever. Without EGO support, I'm stuck using Appleworks instead.

Otherwise, does anyone know of alternatives to MathType or ChemDraw?

~ chibimagic

analyticalbiochemist 2009-01-15 12:41 PM

As I use both those programs, I would like to offer input on this same problem. Importing MathType equations are supported in the new iWork '09 Suite. After entering an equation there, copy & paste will import the graphic into your OmniOutliner document. It seems that the format is a svg pdf, as resizing does not lose quality when opening externally or with the new quick look functionality. In any case, it is vector not raster import & displays perfectly. While this reply & functionality may be to late to help this user, others may benefit. Still investigating ChemDraw import, though in any case, native import for these EGOs would be greatly appreciated.

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