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AntonyHarrington 2009-04-17 02:34 AM

Sitemap and wireframe combined?
Have been using OmniGraffle for creating website sitemaps, and very easy to use too, and time saving.

Is it possible to combine a sitemap with a wireframe? The wireframe would consist of basic page elements like text elements, form fields, headings etc. The sitmap shows the strcture od parent /child/sibling pages.

I know Garret Dimond has a nice set of stencils to use, and I would like to combine these with the sitemap view of my projects. But it would appear that these would have to live in two seperate files, which means any changes to structure would have to be done twice.

I have previously used 'OverSite' which has this feature, but the site map it produces is a little basic.

Any answers tips greatly appreciated.


AntonyHarrington 2009-04-21 08:38 AM

Mother of invention...
After playing around for a couple of days I have worked out a way, using multiple Canvases, and the Jump to Action, which is working rather weel.

Also discovered that I can export the whole thing as an interactive PDF, retaining all of the page linking.



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