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kasulachetu 2009-10-13 12:50 PM

Any plans on creating a firefox add-on for omnifocus on other OS?
I understand that Omni group's software is available only on mac and iPhone but there are good percentage of people (I guess) who are using PC at work but own a mac laptop with OmniFocus software.

I own both desktop version and iPhone version but it is kinda hard to create my work tasks on my iPhone. If there is a FF plugin on Windows/Linux which creates a zip file containing contents.xml file on a WebDav server or MobileMe server, that would be great. Then those files will get synced back to my iPhone and desktop version.

I am guessing OmniFocus is doing a similar thing now to sync between different macs and for iPhone push notification workaround.

Toadling 2009-10-13 03:17 PM

Well, you could email yourself actions using OmniFocus' text-based input syntax. See "Processing Mail messages into actions" in the OmniFocus help. But that's a "one way street" (i.e. you can't view or edit existing tasks).

It seems some people print off lists or save them as static HTML to a web server. But there are obvious limitations in that approach as well.

I work in a primarily Windows/Linux work environment, but use OmniFocus on my own MacBook Pro (with VMware Fusion installed). Depending on your situation, that might be an option.

It's [URL=""]pretty clear[/URL] the Omni Group is thinking about addressing the "Windows access" issue. Who knows what that means, but there have been hints of a possible web interface, albeit no official announcements.


jbkendrick 2009-10-14 07:04 PM

I was in the same position about 8 months ago and made the decision to purchase a MacBook just to carry my OmniFocus GTD to work with me. It has worked great for me and was well worth the investment. I sync between iMac at home, MacBook at work and iPhone. You can read about my experiences with GTD and most recently with OmniFocus on my blog at [url][/url] Good luck to you, John

kasulachetu 2009-10-15 10:21 AM

I do carry my MacBook with me all the time but it doesn't feel productive to switch back and forth between my laptop and desktop. If I want to create a task and add a link that I found on my desktop, it is not straightforward.

Again, it is good to know that Omni Group is listening to the folks on Windows but it would be great to hear from omni developers on a rough timeline.

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