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b-dr 2011-04-13 09:17 AM

Perspectives & Layout
I am new to OmniFocus but gradually learning (and loving!) the program.

Today, I was fiddling around with Perspectives and I discovered the beauty that is the "Layout" checkmark.

However, there's a strange hiccup I just cannot resolve.

I had saved a Perspective "Waiting For..." (from my "Waiting For..." context) in a minimal view: just the list, no sidebar, no toolbar. Perfect. I switched from the Projects perspective (with sidebar & toolbar) to my "Waiting For..." perspective and the layout was restored, exactly as I had saved the perspective.

However, when I switched to my default Context perspective (always with sidebar) from my "Waiting For..." perspective, the sidebar remained hidden, as per the settings in my "Waiting For..." perspective. What's more, if I reveal the sidebar in my default Context Perspective and switch to the "Waiting For..." perspective, the sidebar remains, even though the latter perspective was saved with Layout checked, sans sidebar.

I hope this makes some sense.

Can I conclude that Layout settings are overridden when switching between Perspectives in the same View Mode (i.e. in my case "Context")?

Is this correct and is there a possible workaround?

Or am I missing something completely obvious here?

Thanks in advance!

whpalmer4 2011-04-13 10:51 AM

You pretty much have to have the Restore: Layout box checked on everything...or have the ones with different layouts have the "Alway open in new window" box checked. Otherwise, as soon as the window gets adjusted by a perspective that restores the layout to a saved value, any subsequent perspectives invoked that don't have Restore: Layout checked will get the window as it was when you summoned the perspective. Another way of looking at it is that there isn't a default setup that the window "snaps back" to every time you go to a perspective that doesn't have Restore: Layout checked.

I'll also say that in my experience, the Restore: Layout code often gets it wrong when asked to resize windows and hide/show the toolbar. If something seems broken, it might be!

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