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TonyBish 2012-06-08 01:12 AM

Cannot sync to iCal more than 14 days ahead
I am syncing project actions to iCal. I can get the sync to work for any date up to 14 days ahead....but no further.
I have examined preferences in iCal & OmniFocus but cannot find a setting that would be restricting this.

Can anyone help?

Brian 2012-06-15 03:50 PM

Tony, what you're seeing here is the way the feature is coded to work - since some folks with OmniFocus on their iOS devices sync over slow (or expensive) cellular connections, the due date reminders for the next 2 weeks will be published, but that's all.

Since every sync - of each device - pushes out a copy of that file, a larger calendar file that included info on every task with a deadline would very quickly eat up a lot of data.

Pushing out two weeks worth of reminders gives even folks who sync infrequently a good long while before they have to worry about missing a reminder when it comes due, but doesn't eat up a ton of data.

Obviously, the amount of data that gets pushed isn't as big a deal on the Mac, but trying to write/test/keep working properly slightly different versions of the same feature doesn't tend to work out well in the long run. ;-)

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