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cvk_b 2009-07-19 01:36 AM

A New User's Experience
First, I chose OF iphone because I love the idea "get the most done where I am now". What good is a scheduled calendar appt if you're not where you need to be? Constant rescheduling? Yuck.

Anyway, $20, and here I am. I've nearly purchased the desktop application many times, but I was constantly worried it'd be wasted since I've a crush on Notational Velocity, an application I use religiously. Also, I note everything in 20-40 characters anyway. Before now, all GTD Moleskine, but OF iphone promised the days of page flipping a thing of the past.

So, for 4-5 days I muddled around the app, adding a few things, getting familiar, not yet ready to completely give up the Moleskine. I hadn't synced to iTunes at that point (not even once, I am also a new iPhone user).

When I finally did sync to iTunes my "data" was backed up, I believe. Well, I had installed a load of free applications (again, new user syndrome) that I wanted gone. Accidentally, I unchecked the OF iphone app in iTunes at that time.

When I noticed I'd uninstalled it, I promptly went back to iTunes and rechecked it. To my dismay, I was asked to create a fresh database when I launched on the phone. Whoa? Surely iTunes had it somewhere, right? So off to apple docs I go. Well, I think I could have gotten those 4-5 days back, but I didn't like what it entailed, for sure. Time machine, buried folders, etc., etc.,

So that wasn't going to work for me. MobileMe? Not interested. I guess setting up WebDAV on my mac remained. I'd never done that before but I'm command-line literate so I wasn't concerned. I followed the directions from here: [url][/url]

That's better. Now I feel safe.

I really like the app. My two wishes would be:

a.) The "New Inbox Item" screen had the note field included, instead of an extra tap away. [COLOR="SeaGreen"]On second thought, it would be an extra tap to bring up the KB anyway, so scratch this one[/COLOR], lol.

b.) The Nearby distance had a range setting. Or, perhaps I haven't found it?

Looking forward to CalDAV for occasional notifications.


derekr 2009-07-22 09:50 AM

Hey Chuck! Thanks for writing. If you'd like & have the time, email in with any additional feature requests or comments.

Anyway, glad you like it, and we're here to help.

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