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devastat 2012-08-04 02:37 PM

Time for change?
I truly believe that Omnifocus is, and always have been a great piece of software. However, lately I have been starting to feel quite bored with it as there hasn't been any new additions to it for a long time.

Maybe it is time to bring on Omnifocus 2?

wilsonng 2012-08-04 07:51 PM

an overhaul would be nice and OmniFocus 2 would be nice.

But I'm far from being bored. I'm too busy getting things done to worry about OmniFocus being stale.

Have you tried using the iPad version? It sure feels good to be using OmniFocus on my iPad or my iPod Touch!

devastat 2012-08-05 01:52 AM

Yeah, I am using the iPad version too and it is really great. I am not that bored with OF - just a little bit - as I am waiting eagerly for a major update :)

wilsonng 2012-08-05 03:02 AM

Yes, I must admit that the user interface has advanced in the project/task management world. Seeing Things and the Hit List does have me lusting for some of their user interface.

For example, I wouldn't necessarily be sad if the inspector went away in favor of an inline entry screen similar to Things or iCal.

Then seeing the user interface tweaks such as forecast that are only seen in the iPad would be a vast improvement over the outline format that the current OmniFocus has.

Then seeing the world advance with team management. I'm part of a team that uses Asana to help coordinate activities within our group.

We're all expecting big things from OmniFocus 2!

karstenschulz 2012-08-05 08:33 AM

Let me polarize: Omnifocus works. [I]Period[/I].

devastat 2012-08-05 01:00 PM

It works, but it could work even better.

lucianofuentes 2012-08-10 02:42 AM

I feel the same. I wouldn't want change for it's own sake, but I'm gradually noticing little features in other applications that I would love to see in Omnifocus. Even the floating inspectors seem tired now.. compared to apps where they make full use of the rectangle shape most people now work with.

Jay6821 2012-08-10 04:12 AM

Well, if you've got the itch, Things 2.0 was released yesterday on the App Store. I have a license so I was playing with it, I like it. Maybe this will cause OF 2.0 to get to the market a little sooner!

Splinky 2012-08-10 07:37 AM

I've been loyal to OF since it was Kinkless, and then the betas, and given my investment in the OF platform will probably stay loyal. However, Things 2 does look really nice. It highlights the need for an OF refresh, I think.

pmdf 2012-08-11 09:26 AM

I came so close to switching to Things today. I'd been getting a bit disillusioned with OF as I felt I was getting bogged down in detail and had started dreading using it - especially my weekly reviews.

The geek in me also likes something new to play with, so I downloaded the trial of Things 2 and dabbled with it for a bit. I felt quite excited by the possibilities, however, it was missing a few things that I don't know if I could have lived without (in particular folders and nested action groups).

I went back into OF to copy some tasks across and see if I could make it work for me in Things. While I was there it suddenly hit me that the problem wasn't with OF but with my organisation. I'd been lazy and let OF become cluttered with tasks which would never be completed, lists/projects that would never be used again etc etc. I'd also been living with the same folder structure that I'd been using for years, and it wasn't quite so representative of what I'm working on today. So I've just finished performing a complete spring clean of OF and re-organised most of my tasks into new folders, lists and projects. I've set up some new perspectives and consolidated most of my tasks into a more streamlined and relevant structure.

Having now cleared out OF I feel so much better about it and have some new ideas of how I'd like to use it. I'm looking forward to OF2, whenever it might come out, but for now I'm enjoying my existing OF setup all over again!

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