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Joel 2013-06-03 12:05 PM

OmniGraffle and OmniGraffle Professional 5.4.3 are now available
OmniGraffle Professional 5.4.3 is a minor update which fixes a somewhat hefty number of crashes along with other important bug fixes.

[B]The Mac App Store versions have been approved, and are available in the Mac App Store.[/B]

Here's the full list of changes, which you can also peruse at our [URL=""]Historical Release Notes Page[/URL]:

[B]Bug Fixes[/B]
[LIST][*]Fixed a crash when reverting to a previous version of the document while viewing a canvas that wasn't present in that previous version.[*]Fixed a possible crash when updating printer drivers.[*]Fixed a crash when exporting a document where the first canvas was named with a question mark.[*]Fixed a crash in OmniGraffle's automatic layout.[*]Fixed a reproducible crash when quitting an application that was connected via LinkBack to OmniGraffle.[*]Fixed a crash that could happen when closing a document while the scrolling bounce back animation was in progress.[*]Fixed a reproducible crash when resetting inspector locations while the Stencil window was open.[*]Fixed an NSFileCoordination issue when having a large number of documents open or viewing the Stencil window or Template Chooser.[*]Fixed a bug where OmniGraffle would call on the discrete graphics card when running on battery power on certain MacBook Pro models.[*]Fixed a bug when running on Mac OS X 10.6 where orthogonal line handles could render in the wrong location.[*]Fixed a canvas title alignment issue when running on Mac OS X 10.6.[*]Fixed a bug where copying as AppleScript would list the shape's label text twice.[*]Fixed a layer ordering issue when exporting the current selection.[*]It should be possible again to edit an installed stencil.[*]Fixed an error when attempting to clear a field in the Document: Data Inspector.[*]Fixed a bug where dragging Frameworks into OmniGraffle would fail.[*]Graffletopia search results should be previewing again.[*]Fixed a bug where embedded ICC profiles could get written over and over again, creating a very large and unwieldy document.[*]Fixed a couple of export issues with PDFs that could lead to a crash.[*]Fixed a bug when importing a Visio document where shapes that should have been ignored were not.[*]Fixed a bug where a downloaded stencil could result in a never-ending string of alerts.[*]Fixed a Visio export issue where line midpoints could get ignored.[*]Fixed a bug where objects on layers would rearrange when exporting the current selection.[*]Changed the address in the About Box to reflect our new office location.[/LIST]
You can check for updates from the OmniGraffle or OmniGraffle Pro menu, or grab the disk images from our [URL=""]Download Page[/URL].

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