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keriah 2012-12-07 06:37 PM

Can I export the 'names' inside box shapes?
I am using Omnigraffle Pro to draw a data (or UML class) model. Another person on the project has asked me if I can provide him with a list (text file) of the names that appear in the boxes on the diagram/model. Can this be done? (If not directly out of Omnigraffle, I also have OmniOutliner - perhaps I can get the diagram's data into the outliner and then produce a text file from there??)

RobTrew 2012-12-08 04:18 PM

Depending on the structure of your diagrams, you may get close to what you want with [B]File > Export > Format: OmniOutliner 3[/B]

( [B]View > Outline[/B] will give you a sense of what will be exported, and the [I]Export Area[/I] options of [B]File > Export[/B] will give you some scope for limiting that.)

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