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Fed Up With Adobe 2008-09-25 01:28 PM

Idea for Omni Product...
This idea is offered gratis with absolutely no strings attached.

Make an Adobe Acrobat stand in. It doesn't need to do everything, or even most of what Acrobat does, just:
* Open multi-page PDFs
* Allow basic drawing on PDFs
* Support inserting pages, deleting pages, and merging files
* Save the resulting PDF

Form filling and creation would be cool, but not critical. Price it at $79 and it'll fly off the shelves. People would hate Acrobat if it were free, let alone paying $460 for it.

OmniGraffle is already almost half way there. Just go a little further.

I'm serious about this! If anyone can do it, OmniGroup can do it. Please! Make the world a better place!

Andrew 2008-09-25 07:38 PM

I think we're unlikely to do something like this, at least not any time soon. (I could imagine getting closer to this in OmniGraffle than we currently do, but probably not to your expectations as outlined above.)

Just to make sure, you realize that you can do most of this in Preview, right? The drawing is _very_ basic, but it does let you rearrange pages in a PDF document, drag pages in from another document, etc.

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