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braver 2009-11-14 10:06 AM

Zimbra WebDAV sync fails again
Last year, I was one of the pioneers of the WebDAV debugging, having worked with the Omni folks on syncing to a Zimbra server at Yesterday I tried it again, and OF puts a file onto the server, after which iPhone complains it's a plain file, not a directory. Zimbra shows the size of the file as being 40 GB, which is probably wrong, as it synced in a flash. Zimbra did change over the last year... What's up there?

stu78329 2009-11-30 05:08 PM

zcs 6.0
I had omnifocus 1.7.5 successfully syncing via webdav with zimbra 5.0.11. We just upgraded to zimbra 6.0.3 this weekend and my syncing has stopped working.

Anyone else having problems with ZCS 6.0?

David4GTD 2009-12-09 08:54 AM

I also am working with a Zimbra based server service. I am not sure if they have moved to 6.0 or not. My provider is and is a WebDav Exchange Service. I was syncing fine till about 4 or 5 days ago and now I am getting this error:

Says it can not sync because the omnifolder in my "Briefcase" is a "flat file" - God only knows what that means. But after being very happy with the successful sync - it now does not even connect!!! Very frustrating.

Also - when setting up sync - it does not even find my mac over wifi!!!

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