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mnemophobe 2010-01-08 01:08 PM

Can I prevent an unnumbered row from incrementing the row number?
I'm trying to create a document where the first level 1 row is unnumbered, and I want the second level 1 row to start at number I. However I can't find any way to prevent the unnumbered row from incrementing the numbering; right now the first level 1 row has no number and the second level 1 row is II.

Is there a way to accomplish what I'm trying to do here?

whpalmer4 2010-01-09 07:31 PM

There's always the manual option...

OmniOutliner doesn't appear to regard the row number as a fixed property of a given row -- it doesn't store it in the file. To have it support unnumbered rows that didn't increment the row number counter, it would either have to do so, or assume your counting model.

mnemophobe 2010-01-15 08:18 AM

Thanks for the reply, it confirms what I had suspected. It appears I'll be exporting to Word or RTF and manually correcting for now.

whpalmer4 2010-01-15 08:55 AM

Why do you need to do the export? Can't you do it in OO directly?

mnemophobe 2010-01-15 10:36 AM

How can I change the numbers in OO directly? Is there some way to directly change a row's number manually?

whpalmer4 2010-01-15 11:01 AM

Well, if you put the row number in by hand as part of the row name, which is what you're going to have to do in Word or RTF, right?

mnemophobe 2010-01-15 11:14 AM

In Word I just correct the row number after exporting if the erroneous numbering is (none), II, III, IV,... I just change it manually to (none), I, II, III,... As far as I can tell there's no way to make that direct change in OO, as the row number is not accessible for editing.

whpalmer4 2010-01-15 11:37 AM

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Set up OO to do no row numbering for that level, and type the row numbers yourself as part of the row name. Of course, if Word allows you to adjust the starting point and then numbers the subsequent rows for you, that would be easier -- I'm just trying to save you the need to use Word if you're simply going to do the same thing there as you could do in OO.

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