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iNik 2010-06-04 02:50 PM

omnifocus://add without quick entry window
I'd like an argument in the omnifocus://add?... URIs to drop items directly into the inbox. I used this all the time with my URI Handler applet so that I could have scripts (esp. shell scripts) build OmniFocus items without a ton of work. Would be nice to have.

Brian 2011-06-24 02:22 PM

iNik, sorry we missed this the first time through, but we got a customer email asking for something along these lines today. That led us back to this thread and also led us to discover Don Southard's [URL=""]OmniFocusCLI[/URL], which may save you some work. It's a shell script that creates OmniFocus tasks and can be used with Alfred, Hazel, etc.

(The intended use of the URL handler is pretty narrow - it's meant to pass the necessary information when there's no other way to do so than as a URL. We'd recommend using it as an input to the other automation methods that let you control OmniFocus' behavior.)

gokubi 2012-01-20 08:09 AM

Is there any update to add functionality? I've been searching and finding nothing. I'd love to pass Context and Project on an add URL like I could with iNik's work.

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