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rogbar 2014-01-27 09:27 AM

Wanted: Tabbed views
I wish OmniOutliner would have tabbed views. I often work with several open outlines, but each has to be a separate document, as they often have different formats or column structures (i.e., some have columns, some don't, the ones that do have different columns, etc.)

I'd much prefer having one outline window, with tabs at the top that allowed me to access multiple outlines. These could be separate OO4 files, or - my preference - separate outlines that are part of one OO4 file.

I often create multiple outlines for each project I'm working on, because OO4 limits me to one format or column structure per file. So if one outline requires a date column, and another outline requires two text columns, and a third outline requires none - or if I want different level formats for different outlines - I wind up having to create separate OO4 docs for each. I know I can hide and un-hide columns, but that's a lot of extra fiddling each time I leave one outline and go to another. It'd be FAR more efficient if we could just see different outlines as tabs in one window.

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