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Handycam 2008-07-16 04:55 AM

5.8 finished when?
We're still on SP1, no new builds in 2 weeks.

Wondering if and when it's going to be released or at least moved along.

What are the bugs/known issues holding it up?

Handycam 2008-07-17 06:15 AM

Know what? Never mind, I've gone back to FF 3.01. If it's not worth the time or trouble for Omni, it's not worth the time or trouble for me either.

andreas_g 2008-07-17 08:46 AM

obviously omniweb-developement has slowed down for some time. but i think it won't help getting upset and posting your angry thoughts.

omni promised to keep on developing omniweb. maybe they are already working on omniweb 6!
let's wait for news, and don't disconcert potential omniweb-users. it is still a good browser, just the implementation of the features is poor at the moment.
i hope ow 6 has some cool innovativ features to keep up with the other browsers again.
maybe think about, to make it a free browser? this would dramatically increase the number uf users. some kind of advertisement for omni (if ow 6 gets a great browser, like the other versions were at the time they were released)

Handycam 2008-07-17 09:32 AM

I'm not upset, and I didn't mean to sound nasty. I apologize. I was just stating a fact, I'm done. There's no compelling reason to use OW at this point.

If they ever release 6.0, or have a SP round with 6, and it offers some compelling new features, I may take a look again.

But for right now, FF3 works better, and if there's something I would like to add/change about it, the odds are there's an extension for it -- instead of hoping OW will add a feature in a year.

Makes me sad, not angry.

arglborps 2008-07-19 03:37 AM

I hate to admit, I'm close to ditching OminWeb for FF 3.01, too. For now the only thing OW does better is basically it being a full blown Cocoa app and it can use Services, which FF can't yet.

For anything else FF (with some extensions) really make OW look oldish. I'm very sad, too, because I have been a convinced OmniWeb user and evangelist, at every presentation I did at the Tokyo Mac User's group I tried to bring in a little pitch for OminWeb, but now I'm at the point to tell people, if you want more than Safari can give you, try FF 3...

So sad...

Forrest 2008-07-19 08:11 AM

OW is still more polished. Many common keyboard commands do not work in FF3. There's still a half dozen features in OW that are better implemented than the FF add-on equivalent.

frankiec 2008-07-20 03:05 AM

FF is ok for people that don't care about the little things that make the Mac experience different.

Handycam 2008-07-20 01:57 PM

[QUOTE=frankiec;41754]FF is ok for people that don't care about the little things that make the Mac experience different.[/QUOTE]

I care about those things. That excuse used to hold water, but FF3 is very mac-like, especially compared to 2.

Also, the Mac experience has also meant being at the vanguard of user experience, and being able to customize this experience. In that respect FF now has the edge over OW.

Also, the only things I see in OW at this point I can't get as nice in FF are Workspaces and Site Prefs. And I can work around it.

I'm not trying to start a flame war, either. I love OW. I'd love to see 5.8 finished and the 6.0 cycle start, and to see 6.0 with the kind of features that would make OW worth it again.

arglborps 2008-07-21 05:29 AM

I totally double this. I still love OmniWeb, but I also started loving FF 3. There are also many totally unpolished things in OmniWeb that have been there since 5.5 and it is about frigging time they'd fix those.
Every time another OW maintenance update comes our way, we're being told, yes they'll do that next time around, blah, and I'm really starting to get tired of it. Right now FF delivers where OmniWeb has just gotten pure maintenance updates for a very long time with no improvements even where there are glaring omission in the UI.
[LIST][*]In the Page Info (CMD+I), when oh when will OmniWeb allow me to rearrange the order of things by clicking on column headers? I mean come on, this is totally standard behaviour and simply broken on OmniWeb for years now.
[*]When selecting images to block them, why can't I adjust the URL (add wild cards etc.) before I save it? This is super user unfriendly, because I then have to go into the adblocking preferences to adjust that later. I mean which adserver uses the same image or URL every time? Pointless default. Every adblocker I have seen on Safari or FF does that much better.

I could make this quite a long list, but I'm aso tired of having to state the same over and over again.[/LIST]

Drayon 2008-07-22 01:53 AM

[QUOTE=Forrest;41675]OW is still more polished. Many common keyboard commands do not work in FF3. There's still a half dozen features in OW that are better implemented than the FF add-on equivalent.[/QUOTE]

This is so true. Here is but one example load your home page in FF3 which does not show the key command in the in the menu's Function+Option+Left Arrow.
Not command+Shift+H like Safari. OW is still better Command+1-9 for custom favorites.

I find FF3 weak out of the box and the addons are just poxy cumbersome incomplete hacks. What a pain to disable javascript, images and plugins on specific sites.

People rant on about FF3 and all its addons, personally i found iCab on Mac OS 9.x to run circle around FF3 in customization. Id go as far as saying iCab puts every other browser on the planet to shame...deep shame. Consider iCab is developed by 1 man, it is updated with fresh beta's practically 3 times a week with new features. 1 man has accomplished more in 6 months than OW has in 2 years.

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