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JKT 2006-03-23 02:52 PM

Bringing the mailing list online...
Let's start using this place shall we? ;)

Scott Maier 2006-03-23 03:03 PM

Yes, please!

In general I don't think the forums are meant to replace the mailing lists, but in the case of the OmniWeb 5.5 Beta list we do want the discussion to migrate here entirely.

piers 2006-03-23 03:23 PM

Is there a way, though, to receive all new forum entries as e-mails (just as if the mailing list would not be moved over to the forum)? To me, this would be much more convenient, as I do read my e-mail all of the time but hesitate to add yet another site to check on a regular basis.

JKT 2006-03-23 03:26 PM

If you subscribe to a thread you can get notifications of when new posts have been added (the text of the post is included in the notification as well), though you will, in theory, only receive one notification of new posts until you visit the forum again.

piers 2006-03-23 03:42 PM

Yes, but I wouldn't notice new threads without periodically visiting the forum web site (which seems like an added inconvenience to me). Also, subscribing to every thread that might become interesting seems like so much overhead that I assume that I won't do that.

Scott Maier 2006-03-23 03:57 PM

You can subscribe to entire forums by visiting the page for the forum and then at the top of the page under Forum Tools select Subscribe.

Hope this helps.

bethkatz17582 2006-03-23 06:26 PM

Grrr. I was posting a "quick reply" and getting annoyed at the small posting window, but when I clicked "Go Advanced" (and now "Post Reply") that took me someplace to login. And my post was gone. I *knew* I should have copied it before pressing any buttons.

When another list I was on switched to a forum, I was against the idea. But I soon grew to appreciate it. That forum uses SMF. I'm pretty sure I could get all the messages poured into my email. But I read it in the forum.

By the way, the distorted text in registering was a little too distorted. I missed the first time. If there's a setting for that, maybe make it easier.

On the profile page and the URL for a home page, give an example of whether http:// is needed or not.

I really miss the zoom editing especially with this itty-bitty posting window. And it isn't obvious where to click to post.

Now back to testing OW rather than forum software.

fryke 2006-03-23 07:00 PM

(Patrick Armbruster here...) Hm. I like the idea of a forum. Sure, it requires more activity from the user, but then again that's a good thing, too. You won't "miss" anything - you'll simply have to look from time to time.

JKT 2006-03-24 12:33 AM

Hi Beth - that reminded me that I had that problem with the image string of text too and got it wrong on the first attempt. I can understand the need to make things distorted, but illegible?

As for text entry... I think we can all hope for the return of the zoomed editor sooner rather than later. ;)

bethkatz17582 2006-03-24 03:44 AM

Another feature of another forum that is essential ... I need some way of determining whether I've read a thread since my last login. In here, one of the times I logged in, the unread threads were in bold, but that went away without my reading those threads.

My usual way of looking at a forum ... scan the top level for the areas that have changed since I last visited (there's a bolder icon). Click on one I want to check out. This highlighting continues to levels until I get to the thread level. At the thread level, ones that have changed are marked and don't update until I actually look at the thread. If I look at only one thread, the outer bolds will dim, but the threads I haven't looked at will stay highlighted.

The nice thing about this is that I can drop by and check out a couple of threads and leave others for later. It makes the forum much more flexible.

But this forum software seems to not have that feature. I don't see any indication of what threads I have or haven't read. There was some indicator at some point, but it went away without my reading the threads.

And what's this "Title" for a reply? Shouldn't that be the thread title? Why isn't "Bringing the mailing list online" in that area ready to be modified if need be?

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